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Our third quarter is ending soon which also means that Spring Intersession is almost here! I hope that the time off will revitalize and invigorate our students so they will be prepared and ready for a very busy and productive fourth quarter. Before break, I would also like to send an immense thank you to everyone, including our Riggs PTO for your efforts in making this years Boosterthon such an enormous success.  As mentioned at our last PTO meeting, we reached 98.7% of our collection goal, made $32,300 profit and Boosterthon will be providing 180 meals to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  Due to the success of this fundraiser, plans are in the works for the GAGA Court to hopefully be installed during Spring Intersession and we are also in the process of ordering the much needed Multi-purpose Room sound system upgrade. As a thank you for our support over the last five years, the Boosterthon Team will be serving as DJ’s at our PTO Spring Carnival. Thanks to all for your support!!

We are looking forward to our “10” Year Celebration and Grandparents Luncheon on March 10th.  Our hope is that most of our families will be here to help celebrate the past 10 years at Riggs Elementary and the many accomplishments that have occurred on campus!!

March and April also signifies the start to the “testing season” in Arizona.  Students and staff will continue to gear up for the administration of the state wide AzMERIT test that will take place at Riggs during the month of April.  This year our students will be taking the test online using the new COWS that were purchased by our PTO as well as the COWS that were provided by our district due to the passage of the bond.  4th grade students will also be tested using the AIMS Science assessment. It is imperative that every student is in attendance during their testing days and that each Riggs Roadrunner gives their best effort while taking these standardized tests.    

Here are several things that you as a parent can do to help your child be successful with these tests.

1) Send your child to school every day (attendance is part of the criteria the state uses to determine adequate yearly progress). Teachers can’t teach students who aren’t in school. 

2) See that your child gets plenty of sleep each school night. Most students need at least eight hours of sleep every night. 

3) See that your child eats a nutritional breakfast.  Even toast and a piece of fruit will provide the brain and body energy.

4) Encourage your child to exercise every day.  Exercise increases oxygen to the brain and helps with thinking and memory.  Educational research tells us that these factors will help ensure that your child does his/her very best.

Thank you for your efforts to help your children become the best that they can be, and thank you for your continuing support and assistance to make Riggs the best that it can be.  Whatever your plans are for the upcoming intersession, if you are traveling or staying local,  my hope is that it is an enjoyable and memorable time for your entire family.


Janis K. Weyenberg