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Chandler Mathematics Overview
Chandler Unified School District offers rigorous mathematics instruction for all students.  The themes of focus, coherence and rigor are at the forefront of curriculum decisions as Chandler transitions to the new Arizona Standards for Mathematics.  
Chandler prides itself on providing multiple pathways for students to access challenging mathematics courses throughout their K-12 education; preparing them to be college and career ready.  To encourage and challenge students, Chandler is piloting the Mathematics Pathways Acceleration Program in Grades 3 through 6 this year, which identifies students ready to be accelerated in their areas of mathematical talent.  CUSD has also hosted Inspire STEM: An Evening for Parents and Students supported by the Intel Corporation and the Noyce Foundation to help parents and students understand the opportunities in STEM and select challenging coursework to prepare students for STEM careers.
Chandler teachers also have many opportunities to stay current in educational innovations through professional development courses.  These professional development courses not only impact instruction and student achievement, but they are also aligned to CUSD’s strategic plan, Journey 2020.    
   • Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP)-funded
of the Intel® Math Program (4)
   • K-1 Mathematics Academy (a district developed      
      companion to the Intel® Math Program)
   • Arizona Mathematics Partnership (AMP) grant (NSF-
 in our junior highs
   • Data Modeling Supports Statistical Reasoning Project
6th grade teachers through Vanderbilt University   
      (funded by
the Institute for Education Sciences)
   • Mathematics Project school sites as part of our
mathematics plan
Evidence of Our Success:
   • Greatest growth in student achievement as a result of 
Intel® Math cohorts
   • PAEMST nominee from Knox Gifted Academy
   • High and very high student growth in Mathematics 
   • Annual continual increase in Elementary teachers 
the Middle Grades assessment in Mathematics
Our teachers and students reflect Polya’s statement:
“If you wish to learn swimming you have to go into the water and if you wish to become a problem solver you have to solve problems.”  - George Polya