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Welcome to Guidance

Summer School Registration is here! 

Please see your counselor or email your counselor with the class(es) you are requesting along with the student email address.  After the counselor verifies placement and pre-enrolls the student, the parent/guardian will receive an email notice to finalize the registration process with full payment.  A student is not officially enrolled in a course until full payment has been received.  Payment is $181 per .5 credit.  Up to 1.0 credit may be taken with the in person summer school at Chandler High.  The dates are Mon, June 12 to Friday, June 30, times are 7:30 AM - 4 PM M-F.  For more information on course offerings please click here

Wednesday, Jan 18 at 6 PM in the cafeteria there will be a presentation for sophomores becoming juniors.  All underclassmen are welcome to attend this presentation as they may find it helpful to see what is coming their junior year.  All juniors becoming seniors will have a presentation in the auditorium at 6 PM. 
To view the Junior Rising power point click here.
Wednesday, Jan 18 at 6 PM in the auditorium there will be a presentation for juniors becoming seniors.
To view the Senior Rising power point click here
Registration presentations are taking place right now and online registration will be due starting next week for juniors.  Please click on the appropriate folder based on your student's current grade level to the left to view your student's instructions and timelines.   
NEW information!
Summer School will be at Chandler High.  Please see your counselor to register.  Once you are alerted to pay via the registration with your counselor you may pay using this portal


On the left side of this portal you will find folders for areas covered by Guidance.  We strongly encourage students and parents to view this site two times per month to stay abreast of new information.  Your student will receive yearly units in their classes that will explain the graduation process as well as college entrance requirements and that process.  Power points from all lectures will be posted under the grade level folder located on the left of this portal once the units are complete.  Absent students are requested to view the power point and see their Guidance Counselor with any specific questions.  Parents having questions should contact their students' Guidance Counselor. 
Open House
If you missed the Open House Presentation please click here to view the power point. 
Student Grade Access 
How to check your student's grades:
All students must log in to a computer on campus each year to re-set their Infinite Campus portal access code. 
Step 1:  enter user ID, s123456 (s and their personal student ID number)
Step 2:  enter password, s123456! (! after their ID number and s must be lower case)
--students will be prompted to enter their own password.  Criteria for password is 8 letters with number(s).  Please choose a password student will remember.
If students forget their password they must request their password be re-set with the front office staff.  This process goes through the district and may take a few days.