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Our Mission

Chandler Unified School District's Pupil Services Mission is to provide educational services and opportunities that:

• Deal with the whole child and result in programs that promote students' successful experience and full life-preparedness.

• Promote student growth and learning, including areas of the general curriculum and State Standards.

• Support students in moving toward understanding of self and others, with appreciation for their own and all people's unique skills, talents and diversity.

These can be accomplished through appropriate and meaningful individual student plans, placement in environments conducive to growth, and with the assistance of well-trained, compassionate instructors, who articulate with all our partners and have opportunities for professional growth and mutual support.

Our staff serve as advocates to students, families and other staff. Networks, partnerships and flexibility ensure the coordination of services necessary to meet the challenges facing students with special needs. Central to this is the involvement, participation and partnership with parents/guardians of students to further enhance students' school experience.      
Journey 2020:
If you don't know already . . . your child is attending a school in an AWESOME district!  On Monday, we had a rally with the staff of CUSD and our superintendent shared information about the district's ten year plan entitled "Journey 2020."  You can find more information on the district homepage under the "welcome" tab, or click the link here. We are so thankful to work for a district that puts students and teachers first!  Please help our district grow by sharing your own positive experience with your friends, family and neighbors.